We are a global Management Consulting and Engineering company

«Our work is very challenging, sometimes almost impossible, but always fascinating.» Giuseppe L. Gherzi, founder of Gherzi

Gherzi is the leader for strategic development and expansion of companies in the textile industry, from production to retail. Our services range from engineering of new factories to strategy consulting as well as corporate finance.

Our principles

Till today, Gherzi is guided by its founders’ values and 5i principles:


An independent privately-owned company, offering a neutral and unprejudiced consulting service.


We develop innovative strategies, solutions for digital transformation, operational and technology excellence or plan smart factories for our clients.


We mobilise multi-national teams of experts to assist clients anywhere in the world in management, technology and engineering. We understand the individual needs of our clients in all regions of the World.


An integrated and complete service package in strategic, marketing, operational, technological and engineering aspects. We offer solutions designed to meet the individual requirements of our clients.


An interactive approach to consulting in close co-operation and co-ordination with our clients. We build a long-term relationship with clients based on the quality of our services. Most of our clients have been collaborating with Gherzi for many years.

Pioneer and Founder

Giuseppe L. Gherzi, after graduating in engineering and philosophy in Europe, travelled to  Boston, USA. There he followed courses at Harvard Business School about Scientific Management, based on the teachings of Frederick Winslow Taylor.  Highly inspired, Giuseppe L. Gherzi decided to first adapt these methods to the textile industry and subsequently to introduce them to the European market.

Our history

From its beginnings as the first consulting company focusing on the textile industry worldwide, Gherzi has evolved into an integrated and international firm.


1929 Giuseppe L. Gherzi founded 1929 his first company, the Gherzi Textil Development AG in Zurich, Switzerland.
1930’sGherzi developed and launched innovative systems and services that became industry standards: «One Process System», «Gherzi Cost System», «Absolute Yarn Numbers», «Yarn Vacuum System», «Preventive Maintenance System».
1935 The company won international industry leaders as its clients like Bunge & Born, Schlumberger, Erlangen-Bemberg, Leuze, Cotonificio Wild.
1939 Gherzi Textil Organisation Argentina founded in Buenos Aires.
1948 Gherzi Engineering Zürich AG founded in Switzerland, to service the increasing needs for engineering services after the war.
1955 Developed the world’s first innovative and integrated «Gherzi-Climate-Duct» for the textile industry.
1958 Marco Gherzi and Luchesco Lucheschi, second family generation, joined company.
1960 Gherzi Eastern Ltd in Mumbai, India founded, as a JV with the Wadia Group.
1970’sOpening of offices in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Canada and Hong Kong.
1980’sCo-operation with visionary architects like Santiago Calatrava (e.g. Ernstings warehouse, Germany).
1997 Giuseppe and Francesco Gherzi, third generation, joined the family business.
2000 Corporate finance practice strengthened with advisory and due diligence services.
2001 Gherzi van Delden GmbH founded with a focus on Technical Textiles, nonwovens and composites.
2002 Gherzi Istanbul founded in Turkey.
2006 Gherzi Cairo founded in Egypt.
2012 Gherzi Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd. founded in Mumbai, India.
2014 Gherzi Wolak GmbH founded in Rottweil, Germany.
2017 Industrial digitalization and education practices launched; co-founding of the Textile Sustainable School.
2018 Gherzi is proud of having successfully delivered its 8’000th consulting assignment.