Gherzi has developed a well sequenced set of services, always implemented in close co-operation with our clients. Under the same roof, we offer integrated services of architecture, engineering and project management.


Feasibility Studies +
Master Planning


Preliminary +
Basic Projects


Detailed Architecture +

project controlling

Project Controlling +
Construction Management

Logistics + Supply Chain

Logistics +
Supply Chain

Logistics + Supply Chain


Feasibility Studies + Master Planning

Feasibility Studies + Master Planning

Gherzi uses ‘state of the art’ models to identify the market demand and to prepare detailed economic and financial feasibility calculations for the proposed investments.

We provide clients with the essential data to demonstrate that the projects are possible, practical and cost-effective together with practical suggestions on how to optimize the project. Consequently, the clients have a sound base on which to secure the necessary project financing.

Examples of services

  • Align client’s production strategy with overall business strategy
  • Master Plan: analysis of the actual situation and target basic data / ideal concept

    • Develop a long-range plan
    • Harmonize the Master Plan
    • Phasing of implementation and defining priorities of actions

Preliminary + Basic Projects

The preliminary or basic plans are the project’s starting point for the detailed engineering drawings, calculations and specifications, as well as a request of offer for turnkey solutions.

Examples of services

  • The Basic Project Plan starts with the development of the initial investment estimates and extends to the actual implementation of the client’s project, as shown hereafter. Preliminary projects: detailed target data and planning basis / material and information flow / investment calculations
  • Basic Projects including Architecture and Engineering design (mechanical, electrical, automation, HVAC and civil engineering disciplines)
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Participation in negotiations
  • Evaluation and award

Detailed Architecture + Engineering

After project approval, the basic engineering project can be developed into detailed architecture & engineering services which define the specifications for construction, erection, commissioning until implementation.

Detail engineering requires an intensive exchange between all parties involved in order to clarify specific design questions to reach conclusive agreements for implementation.

Examples of services

  • Integrated planning and implementation up to commissioning
  • Final architectural and engineering project design

    • Structural
    • Civil: building services and utilities
    • Electrical and mechanical engineering
Project Controlling + Construction Management

Project Controlling + Construction Management

Effective Project Control and Construction Management are key success factors that Gherzi applies to all projects to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and with the required quality. In all projects, we aim to introduce innovative solutions.

Examples of services

  • Project management

    • An experienced Project Manager leads the team of engineers/specialist
    • Project implementation
    • Control and risk management
    • Change management
    • Time, quality and cost monitoring
  • Supervision of erection & construction
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Support during startup
Logistircs + Supply Chain

Logistics + Supply Chain

Over the years, Gherzi has planned some of the most technologically advanced warehouses and systems to enable clients to optimise their flexibility so they may best serve the ever-changing market requirements.
Gherzi’s approach is to combine specific logistic know-how with its organisation’s extensive industrial experience.

Examples of services

  • NOTE: Gherzi works independently of all hardware and software manufacturers. Preliminary studies: logistic strategies and concepts

    • Align logistic strategy with overall business strategy
  • Development studies: Master Plan, analysis of the actual logistic situation and target basic data / ideal concept

    • Physical & information flows
  • Design and implementation of warehousing and material flow

    • Techno-economic feasibility studies
    • Preliminary project

      • detailed target data and planning basis / material and information flow / investment calculation
    • Detailed & project planning
    • Construction supervision
    • Project management / supervision of erection / testing and commissioning

Clean Technologies

Gherzi combines the necessary specialist technologies with its extensive industrial experience.

Examples of services

  • NOTE: Gherzi works independently of all hardware and software manufacturers. Design and implementation of clean tech projects

    • Optimize and reduce energy consumption
    • Planning of low energy buildings
  • Master planning of clean tech resorts (tourism, residential complexes)
  • Evaluate and recommend optimal clean technology systems:

    • Renewable energy
    • Recycling

Water related topics: purification, irrigation, desalination, waste management.