Productivity + Efficiency

Shortened manufacturing chains, smaller order sizes and tightened lead times have created the need for faster, leaner and more efficient manufacturing.

We work with companies across the value chain to improve efficiencies, to increase productivity levels and to shorten manufacturing times that will allow companies to respond to the demands oftoday’s dynamic markets.

Examples of services

  • Optimisation of production
  • Operating procedures (SOP’s)
  • Raw material consumption
  • Training of labor and management
  • Automation of processes
  • Optimisation of the workforce (time and motion studies)
  • Benchmarking of costs (local and international competition)
  • Optimisation of logistics (layouts, material flow and handling)
  • Quality management

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Navdeep Singh Sodhi
Navdeep Singh Sodhi

Laurent Aucouturier
Laurent Aucouturier