Digitalization + Sustainability

With the introduction of digital manufacturing andIoT , the textile & retail sector is fast adopting new business models such as mass customization and direct to consumer approach.

These changes  have resulted in increased transparency of the supply chain and to consumers demanding products that have been ethically and responsibly produced/sourced. Whilst these changes created new challenges for textile producers, they have also offered significant opportunities.

In our day to day business, we work with companies around the world to understand the complexity of automation, IoT and sustainability and to prepare the business models for the future.

Examples of services

  • Introduction and industrial application of I industry 4.0 principals (IoT and digital manufacturing)
  • Introduction and application of new business models
  • Development of CSR policies
  • Ethical and responsible sourcing / manufacturing
  • New business models
  • Social compliance
  • Sustainability and environmental compliance
  • Enhancing traceability and transparency in the supply chain
  • Optimisation of raw material consumption
  • Water and effluent treatment plants (zero discharge)
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies, evaluation of investment proposals, technical feasibility evaluations
  • Textile & garment industry sector studies and blue prints
  • Sustainable Textile SchoolR for top executives

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Anton Schumann
Anton Schumann

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Giuseppe Gherzi