Management & Operations

Examples of services

  • reduction of production costs
  • product quality improvement
  • Methods- and efficiency training
  • Merchandising
  • "On the job" staff training
  • Optimization of workflow, organizational structure, transport system, workstation development, time study / -management system
  • Improvement of layout situation, organizational chart, wage systems, selection of employees
  • Selection of optimal production equipment, means of transportation and auxiliaries
  • Quality management and control
  • Social auditing
  • Introduction of PPS (controls of production, purchasing, production costs, logistics)

Our clients

  • Garmenting companies
  • Integrated textile companies
  • Sourcing platforms
  • Private labels
  • Retailers, brands and distributors
  • Associations

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About Gherzi
We are a global Management Consulting and Engineering company. Gherzi is the leader for strategic development and expansion of companies in the textile industry, from production to retail. Our services range from Engineering of new factories to strategy consulting as well as corporate finance.
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The Gherzi Group was founded in 1929 by Giuseppe L. Gherzi in Zürich, Switzerland. From its beginnings as the first consulting company focusing on the textile industry worldwide, Gherzi has evolved into an integrated and international Group.
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